Mailivery plans have daily email send limits. But what exactly do these limits mean and how do they work? 


Depending on the Mailivery plan you choose, your email limit may vary.  

Your ENTIRE account has a daily sending limit that applies to all connected email accounts. You can allocate this limit across accounts as needed. Staying under the total limit keeps your account within plan terms.  


With the Professional Plan, you can connect an unlimited number of email accounts with a limit of 600 emails per day. The 600 limit pertains to your entire account’s send volume.

For example, you could allocate emails in either of these ways:

  • 60 inboxes with 10 emails per day each.
  • 50 inboxes with 10 emails per day each and 5 inboxes with 20 emails per day each.
  • 10 inboxes with 50 emails per day each and 10 inboxes with 10 emails per day.

It's up to you how to divide the 600 daily email limits between accounts. As long as your total emails sent stays under 600 per day, you remain within the terms of the Professional Plan.