If your newly added Mailivery emails aren't sending, the most likely reason is they're set to Paused status by Default. This lets users review campaign settings before launching. If your campaign status is Active, allow a few minutes to 24 hours to receive your first warmup email after sending.

Review Your Settings

Either from your Email Accounts or Dashboard, select the email address that hasn’t been sending.

Access your email settings by clicking on the ⚙️ gear icon found next to the account name. 

Review Emails Per Day, Response Rate, and Ramp-Up Settings 

On this page, you can edit your Emails Per Day, Response Rate, and Email Ramp-up settings. Once confirmed, click the "Update Limits/Update Ramp-up Settings" buttons to take effect.

Review Sending Times/Timezone

Next, navigate to the “Sending Times” tab and check if it’s set to the correct time zone/sending schedule. Once confirmed, click the "Update" button to take effect.

Ready To Start Your Campaign

Once all settings are confirmed, head over to Dashboard by clicking on "Back to Dashboard". 

At the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, click on "Start sending emails" to launch your warmup campaign. 


If your email displays this option and emails are still not sending, this means either there's an issue connecting your email or there's an issue with the email itself. Please see other Troubleshooting Guides or reach out to support through chat.

With all the details confirmed and the campaign started, your new email account should now be ready to start firing up warmup emails.