By default, Mailivery automatically moves all warmup emails from inbox to to a "Mailivery" folder, so you no longer need custom filters to avoid Mailivery emails cluttering your inbox.

However, some customers may still want to create a custom filter to have warmup email skip inbox and immediately move it to an archive folder.

To create a filter in Gmail, Outlook or Thunderbird:

Get Your Email ID
  • Your unique ID is at the top of each email address dashboard:

Create a Gmail Filter
Step 1: Click the settings icon and "See all settings".

Step 2: Select "Filters and blocked addresses" then "Create a new filter".

Step 3: Enter ID into "Includes the words" field and click "Create filter".

Step 4: Check boxes to:
  • Skip the inbox
  • Mark as read
  • Apply the label "Mailivery"
  • Never send it to Spam
  • Apply filter to matching conversations
Then click "Create filter".

Now, Mailivery emails will redirect to your selected folder.