Amazon SES offers a reliable SMTP service for sending high-volume emails. However, due to some circumstances, email deliverability and inbox placement can deteriorate over time. is an email warmup and deliverability platform that helps improve your SES emails' reputation, increase inbox placements, and avoid blacklisting issues. By integrating Amazon SES with, you can optimize the performance of your Amazon SES emails.

For this integration, you need:

  •  An Amazon SES account to send emails (SMTP).
  • An IMAP account to receive and manage incoming emails.

Step 1: Create Amazon SES

  1. Access Amazon SES: Go to Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) on the Amazon AWS platform.

  2. Create New Object: Click the "Create New Object" button and follow the on-screen instructions to create your Amazon SES object.

Step 2: Connect Your Domain/Email

  1. Add Domain/Email: Connect your domain or email address to Amazon SES as per instructions.

  2. Verify Domain/Email:

    • Email Address: Verify by clicking a link sent to the email you added.

    • Own Domain: Complete the setup steps shown on-screen. After verification, go to the Amazon SES tab, select Configuration > Verified identities to check verification status.

Step 3: SMTP Settings

  1. Access SMTP Settings: Navigate to Amazon SES > SMTP settings.

  2. Create SMTP Credentials: Click on the "Create SMTP credentials" button.

  3. Set IAM Username: In the field "IAM Username", enter a name (e.g., ses-smtp-user-mailivery) and click "Create".

  4. Save SMTP Security Credentials: Click on “Show User SMTP Security Credentials” and save the displayed data.

  5. Note SMTP Endpoint: Back in the SMTP settings, note down the SMTP endpoint (e.g.,

Step 4: Configure and SMTP

  1. Login to Visit and log into your account.

  2. Add Email Account: In your Mailivery dashboard, click on "Add Email Account" and select "Other" from the email provider options.

  3. Enter Email Details:
    • From Name: Enter the sender's first and last name.

    • Email Address: Input the email address verified with Amazon SES.

  4. Enter SMTP Credentials: Fill out the SMTP settings with your Amazon SES credentials.
    • SMTP Username: Enter the previously saved "SMTP Username".

    • SMTP Password: Enter the previously generated "SMTP Password".

    • SMTP Host: Input the noted SMTP host (e.g.,

Step 5: Configure IMAP

  1. IMAP Configuration: Configure IMAP for receiving and handling incoming emails.

    • IMAP Password: If using Gmail, generate an application password in Gmail settings. For other services, use the mailbox password.

    • IMAP Host: Enter the IMAP host given by your email service (e.g., for Gmail, for Zoho).

Step 6: Finalize Account Setup

  1. Add Account: Click on "Add Account" to complete the setup process.


With these steps, you can effectively integrate Amazon SES with, optimizing your email delivery system. This integration not only ensures the timely and accurate dispatch of emails but also simplifies the email setup process. It eliminates the need for complex configurations and costly prepaid services, offering a streamlined solution for your email communication needs. This setup is particularly beneficial for ensuring reliable email delivery and enhancing your overall email management efficiency.