Mailivery offers a powerful custom warmup template feature on any paid plan. This allows you to craft custom messages that will be included in your warmup campaigns.

3 Key Benefits of Custom Templates 

Custom templates provide several key benefits:  

  • Your custom warm up message warms up inboxes and establishes sender reputation with major ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more. This makes your sending domain appear more trustworthy and warmups up your content topic as well. 
  • Positive engagement with your custom message helps build sender score. This makes it easier to land in the inbox going forward.
  • Not only are you warming up your email account, you’re also warming up your marketing content.

How Custom Templates Work

To use custom templates:

1. Go to the Warm-up Templates tab and click "Add Template" (available on paid plans only).


2. Enter your custom warmup message.

For AI-generated ideas, use our Warmup Template Generator (only for ChatGPT Plus users).

3. Select which inboxes should receive your custom message on top right and click Save Template.

Important Notes:

  • You can create up to 5 custom templates per inbox.
  • If you add 1 custom message, 40% of your warmup emails will be the custom message.
  • If you add 2 or more custom messages, 60% of your warmup emails will be your custom warmup messages.
  • The remaining warmup emails use Mailivery's AI-generated content for natural engagement.

Custom templates allow you to test and refine messages while building great sender reputation.

Take advantage of this powerful feature to get your emails delivered!