1. After logging into your mailivery account click "Add new account" on the left.

2. Click on "Sign in with Google" and enter your name and e-mail address.

3. Make sure that three conditions are met in your Google account:

3.1 Enable two-factor authentication

Go to the Google account settings, click on "Security" and then click on "2-Step Verification" inside the "Signing in to Google" tab. Follow the steps to enable 2FA.

3.2 Add an app password for mailivery to your Google account

To do this go into your account settings and click on "Security" and then "App passwords" inside the "Signing in to Google" tab. Select the app "Other" and type in a name for the app like e.g. "mailivery". Click "Generate" and your password will be generated. Copy the app password and paste it into the form in step 5.

3.3 Enable IMAP in Google Mail

Go to Google Mail, click on settings, "See all settings", Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click on "enable IMAP". Save your changes.

4. Confirm 2-Step Verification Status

Check the box to confirm that 2-Step Verification is enabled.

5. Paste the app password

Paste the app password created in step 3.2 into the form.

6. Confirm IMAP is enabled

Check the box to confirm that IMAP is enabled (see step 3.3).

7. Done

Your Google account is now connected to mailivery.