In the email reputation area you have to follow two main strategies:

  1. Be as natural as possible
  2. More = Less, but Right = More

That being said our customers tend to max out the limits we provide in Mailivery. We do not recommend doing this as this could even harm your reputation. It is very important to adjust the number of mailivery emails you send each day to the number of real emails you send each day. Follow this table to set up the right number of Mailivery emails:

Now, why is that so important?

Think about natural sending. For cold emails the average response rate is 1%; for normal emails it is anywhere 5-10%. If, all of a sudden, your accumulated average response rate across all your emails (real emails and mailivery emails) is 30%, spam filters realize something is off. Thus, make sure your overall response rate stays at 5% to 10% for all your emails.