Connecting external IMAP/SMTP email accounts to your Mailivery dashboard allows you to manage all communications from one platform. In this article, we'll walk through the step-by-step process for connecting any third-party IMAP/SMTP email to your Mailivery dashboard.

Step 1: From your Mailivery dashboard, click on the "Add Email Account" button found on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Select "Other" from the email provider options.

Step 3: Fill out your IMAP/SMTP settings and password. You can ask your IT-admin or search the web for the IMAP settings of your public e-mail provider.

You should only use encrypted ports with Mailivery. Encrypted ports for SMTP are 465 or 587; for IMAP 993.

Here are a few examples:

mail.privateemail.comIMAP: 993
SMTP: 465 or 587
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465

You might have to generate an app password for Mailivery and use it instead of your e-mail password. You can generate app passwords in your e-mail account security settings. Here are some guides on how to create an app password for Gmail and Yahoo:

Step 4: Click "Add Account" and you're all set.