How to connect any IMAP/SMTP e-mail account to mailivery


By Thomas Braun

updated 10 months ago

1. After logging into your mailivery account click "Add new account" on the left. 

2. Select "Use any other account".

3. Now type in your IMAP/SMTP settings and password. You can ask your IT-admin or search the web for the IMAP settings of your public e-mail provider.
You should only use encrypted ports with mailivery. Encrypted ports for SMTP are 465 or 587; for IMAP 993.

Here are a few examples:

IMAP: 993 / SMTP: 587
IMAP: 993 / SMTP: 465 or 587
IMAP: 993 / SMTP: 587

You might have to generate an app password for mailivery and use it instead of your e-mail password. You can generate app passwords in your e-mail account security settings. Yahoo as an example offers app passwords when you go to account security, generate app password, select other, type in "mailivery" and generate.

4. Click "Test & Save"

5. Done

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